DOB 23.10.1983
HD-0, current eye certificate

"Thanks to Ylva &Göran Hedberg, Misan´s family, this line could survive and continue. When she and her siblings were born, I kept my own bitch, Hannah. She grew up to a healthy girl, came to the age of being mated for the first time and when she finally got pregnant she died of inner bleedings right where the delivery process started and she died before we came to the Vet hospital, together with her 13 puppies.
As a gift from heaven, I was offered to have two litters from Hanna's sister Misan.  Today, when looking back at that situation, I cannot value it high enough. She became a big part of my foundation line.


Owner: Ylva &Göran Hedberg

1 st Open Class , Show
Cambremer Mr. Ross GBCH Fabracken Comedy Star

GBSHCH Martin of Mardas

GBCH Poolstead Pin Up of Fabracken

GBSHCH Cambremer St. Clair

GBSHCH Glenarem Skyrocket

Braunspath Simona of Cambremer

Crawcrook Chintz Crawcrook Calhiban

Secret Song Of Lawnwood

GBSHCH Crawcrook Princess

Cassandra Of Crawcrook

Crawcrook Crispin Of Lawnwood

Lawnwoods Treasure Trove