DOB 27.06.1990
HD-Pass, ED-0, Current Eye certificate

3 CC*s in Sweden & Winner of the Gundog Group
2 CC's in Norway

Owner: Susanne Rehlin, Musical's Labradors, S

Balnova Black Denim DECH NLCH VDHCH
Balnova Sultan

Boothgates Headliner

Wetherlam Willow Warbler Of Balnova

Balnova Satin Quilt

Wishwood Quincey

Wetherlam Willow Warbler Of Balnova

Guideline's Mishmash Novacroft Arris

Angolcroft Raffles Of Novacroft

Novacroft Coffee Time

Guideline's Make-No-Doubt

Cambremer Mr Ross

Crawcrook Chintz

Ada as a teenager